We teach natural horsemanship from the ground up with safety of horse and rider the number one priorty.

We offer western riding (and beginner English riding) lessons for both children (aged 8 and up) and adults. All abilities are welcome!

 Lessons are available by appointment at $25.00/hour.

•All students must wear Certified ASTM Equestrian Helmets which we provide. 
•All students and visitors must comply with the Safety Rules posted in the barn.
•All students must, to the best of their ability, follow the directions of their Instructor.
•Safety discussions are part of every lesson, with explanations as to the "Why."
•Our school horses are not "slow" or "lazy," but they were chosen for their gentle natures
 and patience for human errors.
•Our equipment and tack is kept in safe, working condition.
•Students are not pushed beyond their comfort levels or limitations.
•Abilities and contributing factors (such as weather conditions) are all considered for every lesson.

The Horse and Rider Partnership

We believe that the relationship between a horse and rider is fundamental to good horsemanship.  Our
 Lesson Program revolves around this principle. 

Becoming a good rider is not simply learning how to stay on a horse and "make" the animal obey the will of the rider. In fact, we believe that imposing one's will, only through strength and intimidation, is not good riding. 

At the core of our philosophy is learning to understand the horse and what the horse is thinking. Once a rider learns to understand the signals and "language" of their mount, the partnership and bond of trust between horse and rider becomes a beautiful thing, where working together as a team shows the abilities and potential of both. 

This partnership and bonding begins before the student ever mounts up to ride. That is why all our lessons are 1 hour and includes a portion of "Ground Work." Working with the horse from the ground, even with simple relationship building such as grooming and tacking up, will enhance the entire experience for both.

For a limited time only!!!  parents of kids taking lessons will get Free lessons on how to handle, saddle and take care of a horse.